9 Types of Players at Online Casinos

Playing at online casinos is an iconic method of gambling both famous casino players and anonymous bettors enjoy. Gambling online has become a culture on its own. And playing online betting amusements, we all do certain things that characterize our gambling personalities.

This time we shall speak of the 9 types of casino players you can meet at land-based casinos and virtual gaming rooms.

Low Stake Player

These gamblers prefer playing with a small bankroll and make stakes with minimal bet size. In most cases, these people do not rely on the wins but enjoy the gameplay. They operate bankrolls up to $1,000 usually.

Lots of these people do not wager too much due to the small finances. However, sometimes low rollers win immense amounts of cash.

In 2015, John Heywood, a UK soldier, won over £13 million. He managed to do it with only £0.25 playing Mega Moolah.

Big Spender

Big Spender

In the betting industry, big spenders are named high rollers. As a rule, these are wealthy people and celebrities. They can visit a casino and spend thousands of dollars in one go. Making $1,000 bets is nothing special for them. Celebrities especially love gambling to the fullest.

For instance, Dana White, the current president of UFC, loves blackjack. And he loves serious blackjack tables, betting more than $25,000 per round.

Dana White had problems with casinos because of his immense wins in Las Vegas. There was an issue with the Palms Casino Resort. The UFC president won around 2 million dollars during a blackjack session. The resort restricted his stakes to $5,000 per hand. And later, this casino banned him. He won too much money.

On online gambling websites, high rollers are rarely got banned. They win smaller money bags, and software specifics exclude any significant advantage from any of the parties involved.

Free Player

These people always know what free spins bonuses they can get today.

A lot of free players are between 18 and 24 years old. For this reason, they do not what to spend much money on gambling. That is why their primary gaming destinations are casinos with tons of bonuses and promotions.

Slots Lover

These gamers prefer fast, easy and thrilling gameplay of a slot machine. The gaming machines are incredibly entertaining. They contain progressive jackpots, lucrative in-game features, high-quality graphics, and even mini-events.

The gameplay limitations do not bother slot lovers. They love entertaining music, bright picture, as well as, pleasantly animated symbols and reels. If you seek the best slots on the web, you can play Starburst, Mega Moolah and other titles by Microgaming, IGT, Playtech, NetEnt.

These software providers produce high-quality, time-proven content. If you are a slots lover, you should definitely try their amusements.

Poker Champ

Video Poker and other poker games are less gambled on online casino sites. It requires a lot of practice and skills. As a rule, Poker champions belong to high roller player category. They love risk and large tournaments.

The richest poker player of all times is Bryn Kenney. His total earnings exceed $50 million.

Movie actors also love gambling and Poker games in particular. The first-ever iconic Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire, earned over $10 million during his card poker career.

Expert Bettor

This player knows all the ropes. He tends to win more than lose in most cases. He is good at everything from video slots to Poker. However, he prefers a particular casino game which brings him or her benefits at online staking rooms. As a rule, these players do not play casino slots.

They prefer card games and card counting. Their experience and professionalism allow reducing the house edge to the minimum.

Lottery Millionaire


These players are, perhaps, a rare find when it comes to games for real money.

The lottery has incredibly small odds. You have more chances of being hit by lighting 5 times a day rather than buy a lottery ticket that brings you a jackpot. However, still, people do win lotteries and become millionaires in a day.

In fact, some of these winners play the lottery for decades and eventually find their lucky ticket. Lottery players also prefer Bingo and Keno games.


Casino games, especially card games, such as Baccarat, Casino Hold’em and Blackjack, require planning. At least you should decide on how much you are going to spend and what bet size you will use.

Strategists think everything through before starting playing. It means a lot for them even when they play online slots.

Intuition Bettor

This gambler is the exact antithesis to strategist. For this player category, planning does not bring any benefits since online betting amusements are based on a random data generator. The intuition bettor relies on his or her feelings rather than logic. And it often makes him lose money. Also, these players tend to rely on certain gambling rituals.

Where to Place Bets Online?

It makes no odds what casino bettor type we are, we all want to receive the best services from gaming rooms. You will be able to make low bets, spend thousands, win tournaments as well as use advantageous bonuses and promotions at:

  • Betway.
  • Casumo.
  • Dunder.
  • William Hills Casino.
  • LeoVegas Casino.

These gaming houses provide hundreds of games. The good thing is that they collect slots and other amusements developed by different game studios.

Also, you can use a decent range of banking options from PayPal and Neteller to bank transfers and Bitcoin.